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From bandhgalas to shirts, shoes and other accessories, the metrosexual man is not shying away from embracing colours or patterns that they never thought of including in their wardrobe earlier. "With florals, style it with a complimentary colour. I personally tend to choose a deeper tone to make the look more masculine. She says that the best way to wear florals is to team it with a subtle colour. "A colour like salmon that can be quite feminine must be paired with a strong colour like deep wine, probably in the form of embroidery. And the best way to get the look right is to mix and match. Designers, too, believe that the colour palate must be for men. Kunal believes that florals are a great choice, but there Customization Atmosphere Lamps for sale are a few things to keep in mind. If you feel that a floral shirt is too flowery to handle, mix and match it with a jacket or a bandhgala with a shirt to go in for a cooler look — something that can be worn at an office and at a party too."Colours that are "in" today are salmon pink, light blue and varied shades of light yellow among others. However, one needs to tread carefully with the more feminine hues. This will not only make the piece stand out, but it also gives it an overall edgy look. Also, opt for something that is not too flowery and incorporates the use of grass in the prints," suggests Kunal. Go for smaller and tighter motifs instead. Designer Sakshi Mehra who designs clothes exclusively for men, under the label Project Bandi, has been working with these feminine colours and prints for men.Floral prints is something that men usually shy away the most from. You can also keep it super simple and team it with whites, creams, navy blue or black," explains Sakshi. The idea is simple — use a contrasting darker shade of colour when you are using some soft shades," explains Kunal. "Don’t choose very large floral prints as they make the look more feminine..Bring out the pinks, pastels and florals — not you ladies this time we are addressing the men, because fashion is now moving away from colours that were once deemed "feminine" and is adopting a much more softer and extremely stylist approach to men’s wear. Kunal Rawal who has designed for several celebrities says, "In today’s time, no colour should be blocked for men, however one must keep the tone of the colour in mind

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» From bandhgalas to shirts (چهارشنبه ۰۶ فروردین ۱۳۹۹ | ۰۹:۴۷)

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